Sunday, November 28

Stuck In a Cookie Jar

Moms Teach Sex - Hand Caught In The Cookie Jar - S16:E5

Jamie Michelle has recently gotten married to a man who already has a son. When her friend, Maya Woulfe, comes over to hang out and make cookies, Jamie confesses that things in that department have gone a lot more smoothly than she was expecting. In fact, Jamie finds Alex Mack to be very sweet. Maya counters by saying that she's pretty sure her stepson is perving on both of them. The girls shoo him out of the kitchen every time he comes in and tries to look down their shirts. When the cookies are ready, Alex returns and sits down at the counter. When Jamie tells him to wait just a few more minutes, Alex whips out his hardon and starts stroking it off just out of the girls' view. He doesn't bother to put his dick away when Jamie finally offers him a cookie, so when he gets his hands stuck in the cookie jar Jamie and Maya both see what he's been up to.

Alex tries to run away from the ladies, but his hands really are stuck in the cookie jar. Maya and Jamie catch up to him and debate what they should do, and eventually settle on teaching him how to be a man. They get his hands unstuck, then shove him down on the couch sans his pants. As Alex watches, the girls get their hands on his dick and show no mercy as they stroke and suck him off, while enjoying each other's lush charms, too. Jamie and Maya take turns peeling off bits of clothing until Jamie is nude from the waist down. She gets Alex to a sitting position and then climbs on top of his hardon to ride him and see if he can satisfy her while Maya watches and masturbates.

Maya takes her turn bouncing away on Alex's hardon as she leans forward to shove her boobs into Alex's face. Then she gets on her back so that Alex can prove that he really is a man by banging her as Jamie muffles Maya's moans by riding her mouth. Jamie gets another round of fun courtesy of Alex's cock as she gets on her knees and makes out with Maya while Alex gives it to her in doggy. Maya even rolls onto her back so she can suckle Jamie's big boobs as they sway with every one of Alex's thrusts. Maya ends up with her thighs spread and Jamie rubbing her clit as Alex reaches his finish line. He pulls out just in time to cover his stepmommy's ass in a shot of cum. Maya samples some and shares it with Jamie in a snowball kiss.

Sharing My New Boyfriend With My Stepmom

Moms Teach Sex - Sharing My New Boyfriend With My Stepmom - S16:E6

Bonnie Dolce has brought her boyfriend, Nikki Nutz, to meet her stepmother, Sharon White. Bonnie and Sharon have a tumultuous relationship. Bonnie is constantly cycling her guys out, and Sharon is always trying to fuck them despite being married to Bonnie's dad. Today is no different. When Sharon discovers that Nikki doesn't speak Hungarian, she takes the opportunity to quiz Bonnie about all kinds of things, from the size of Nikki's dick to the way he licks her pussy. The trio settles in to watch some TV together, but in reality Sharon spends her time making a move on Nikki with her feet. Inching closer, Sharon reaches under the blanket and starts stroking Nikki's hard cock. When Bonnie reaches under the blanket to do the same, she is horrified to realize stepmommy has gotten there first.

Sharon tries to defend herself that her husband hasn't been home in three weeks, but Bonnie isn't buying it. When Sharon says she'll tell Nikki he's the third guy this week, Bonnie comes back that she'll tell her dad about Sharon's infidelity. Eventually they make a deal that they will both keep the other's secret and share Nikki. Although Nikki is not able to follow the conversation, he is very aware of what's happening when both ladies suddenly stop talking and start pawing at him. A hot second later, Bonnie has Nikki's dick in her mouth while Sharon sucks his balls. The girls take turns, sharing oh so nicely. Sharon graciously even lets Bonnie get naked and climb onto Nikkie's fuck stick for the first ride as Bonnie rubs her clit.

Sharon gets to enjoy Nikki next, bouncing away on his hardon. Since Bonnie is already naked, she hops onto the top of the couch so that Sharon can finger her greedy puss and then lean in for a full on feast. When it's once again Bonnie's turn to enjoy Nikki's cock, she finds herself on her back with Nikki buried between her thighs and Sharon riding her mouth. That position lets Nikki motorboat Sharon's fine ass titties as he keeps Bonnie's party going. Sharon takes her turn in the middle on her hands and knees with Nikki giving it to her in doggy and her mouth staying busy lapping away at Bonnie's juicy snatch. Finally sated, the girls continue their pledge to share Nikki as they work together to blow him until he pops into their waiting open mouths.

Naughty Nurse Clea Gaultier Fucks Her Patient

For the beautiful dark-haired bombshell, Clea Gaultier, there is no better job than helping men who need to provide sperm samples. The naughty nurse in a white latex outfit goes straight into her work mode as her first client for today enters the room. The horny nurse then bends over on the bed and gives Max a sensual blowjob. The fit stud returns the favor by giving Clea a passionate pussy licking. Max fucks her tight hole in missionary. Clea can't help but moan hard as Max slides his cock in and out of her wet pussy doggystyle. Her big boobs bounce around while she takes a heavy pounding in reverse cowgirl. Clea then gives Max a sensual handjob until he cums in her mouth.

Saturday, November 27

Joslyn James in Interracial POV Creampie

Ok it's time for a shower then I need to get dressed, busy day ahead! Hey you, you love recording me on your camera don't you! Well get a good look at this, watch me soap up my body real good for you! Look how soapy I make my pussy! Let me spread my legs open more while I stand up, pretty hot ha? Oh my, I'm getting really turned on! Ok enough of that, time to get dressed!

Tuesday, November 16

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Tuesday, October 19

Anna Claire Clouds in Party Time with Johnny Sins & Jackie Ohh Part 2

More hot action just like you may have seen already from part 1 of this scene! Jackie Ohh & I fuck Johnny really good in this hot set. It's more bedroom action, threesome style. What was so great about this scene is, both Jackie & Johnny are awesome in bed! We have one hell of time together, so sit back & Enjoy! This is part 2 of a 2 part series. BTW if your not a member of my site.

Tuesday, October 5

My Swap Dad And Brother Are Real Cocks

Family Swap - My Swap Dad And Brother Are Real Cocks - S3:E10

What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Lulu Chu and her swap mom Fiona Frost want to do something good, so they try to get swap dad Will Pounder and swap son Oliver Flynn to dress in chicken costumes for a charity event. Will and Oliver inspect the costumes and declare that it's just not happening. Fiona and Lulu put their heads together and decide to try flirting instead of demanding. Fiona goes for subtlety, but Lulu comes right out and says that the girls will suck the guys' dicks if they put the costumes on. The boys grab the costumes and run to get changed!

When the men come out dressed as cocks, they complain that the costumes are too tight in the nether area and that their balls are being squished. Fiona offers to cut little holes in the crotches so their man parts can breathe and the boys agree. Once that's done, the girls start posing with Oliver for social media photos. With two hot girls rubbing all over him, Oliver can't help but pop a boner that peeks out through the hole in the costume. Fiona feigns outrage, but Lulu is instantly into the idea of sucking her cock of a swap brother off. She did promise, after all. Dropping to her knees, she encourages Fiona to do the same when it becomes clear that Will is also nice and hard. Fiona may be uncertain at first, but it's not long before both girls are delivering deep throat sloppy BJs that get the guys nice and horny for a group fuck.

Relocating to the couch, the girls get on their hands and knees with the guys coming up behind them to bang them each in doggy. Will stays with Fiona for the moment while Oliver fucks Lulu. The girls swap partners when the guys get on their backs, their hardons ready and waiting for the girls to climb aboard for dual stiffie rides. Riding the D in reverse cowgirl gets both girls moaning nice and loud, and the gasps of delight continue even after they swap partners once again so that Fiona can give Will a try in cowgirl while Lulu does the same for Oliver. When the girls find themselves on their backs again with Will pounding away at Lulu's snatch and Oliver delivering the same treatment to Fiona, they beg the boys to give them the cum. Will delivers a creampie first, followed closely by Oliver. As they bask in the afterglow, they realize they're going to be late for the charity event.

Tuesday, September 21

Anna Claire Clouds in Party Time with Johnny Sins & Jackie Ohh Part 1

This was a great threesome I shot with Johnny Sins & Jackie Ohh! This scene starts out with Jackie & myself showing off our hot asses to Johnny, who happens to finds us messing around out on the balcony. Before you know it the 3 of us are all kissing each other, then Jackie & I go down on Johnny's big long cock! Johnny also fucks us both out on the balcony, then we make our way.

Monday, August 23

Alura Jenson in Love with Halle Hayes

Today is my lucky fucking day! Halle Hayes is in the house! Just look at her there on her knees in the back of a car getting hotter by the second. Oh & I get to walk in on her, I'm so lucky, but you're lucky too, you get to jerk off to this hot exclusive scene! Watch as we play with each other, sucking each other tits, touching each others bodies & have a ton of fun!

Tuesday, July 6

Sexy Vanessa in Step Daughter Threesome

I'm here with my step daughter Sofie. So tell me Sofie Marie how do you like Vegas? You like it ha? I like it too, you can never get lonely here. I mean Florida is ok but if you need to hook up this is the place to be. So Sofie listen, I want to have fun here, lets get out go around! BTW, I think your father has a mistress & I need a boy toy here in Vegas!

Sunday, June 27

Eva Notty in Steamed Up Shower Fun

I've been waiting for you to come in here & get squeaky clean with me. I know how much you want to rub & scrub my big ass & tits. Take that cock out & show me how much you love me. I want to see you stroke yourself from the tip of your cock down to those big balls of yours. I bet those balls are full of hot cum for me too, right? Yeah I had a feeling.